Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Main Street USA...Small Town America

This is part of property we own in a small town in Washington state. The building you see used to be a blacksmith shop that (at one time) DH's great grandfather owned/operated. As you can see, it's seen MUCH better days! But it's all ours! The motorhome on the left is used by us when we decide to go and cut grass and clear the land a bit. Eventually, we'll be taking this "landmark" down to the ground. Until then...we admire her. Ain't she a 'bute!!??

Behind the building and to the right you see a utility pole. That marks Main Street!

That utility pole is now on the very near left side of this shot...out of camera range. This photo shows DH way in the back cutting grass with a sickle mower. The building above is now on the left of the shot. This is standing on Sunset Street looking down...Main Street! Can you believe it??? It's elbow deep in grass and I do mean elbow deep. There is no street.

History tells us that at one time back in the 1920's or 1930's, there was a fire on Main Street and the fire truck (heavy) drove down this dirt road to put out the fire and made HUGE ruts in the road. Since that time, it's never been repaired. Now, you can't actually find the ruts for the grass, but they're there. We intend on cleaning up the property so we can actually see what we've got! It's going to take alot of work...but the sickle mower made it alot easier on DH.

The best part about this is owning a piece of land our ancestors owned. This ancestor came over from England and we have a copy of the ships manifest showing their names. Cool, huh?

The worst part about this land...other than the work involved...is the bugs. When we retired for the night, DH discovered his back covered in mosquito bites and I had two on my legs. (Shows you how long I was outside :) So...we're investing in good bug spray to take down on our next sojourn.

I'll try and keep everyone posted on the progress. There should be a lot of activity there for us this Summer, which takes me away from sewing...but, oh well. It's our history!

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