Saturday, June 16, 2007

Friends, Tiger Lilies and Paint, oh my!

Friends are a Godsend! Let me tell you that today, MY friend, Charisma came over and showed me how to seperate my Tiger Lilies so that they run the length of my back fence. Ok, I said, but what I was thinking was "what is she talking about" She said my lilies were overgrown in one area...crowding each other.

You can see in this "before" picture, the liles are on the far right up against the blue fence. They are just now beginning to bloom. They weren't in the above picture.

So, she dug up a bunch for me and we piled them up and then when she left, I went out and had to weed that fenceline and then I planted them along the length of the fence.

So, here are two "after" pictures. Ta Da!!

You see, fabric I know. Flowers, I don't know. It's very simple.

Oh, and while she was here, I showed her several paint chips to get her opinion on which color to paint my kitchen. You see, there's ugly wallpaper on it from the previous owners. (Note to self: take before pictures of wallpaper in kitchen). We've lived here for eight years now. It's time. Anyway, Charisma easily picked out the best color and said I would be very happy with that choice when it's done. I totally believe her!

I haven't an ounce of decorator's blood in me, nor landscaping. I can plant plants. I can paint walls. I just need someone to show me what would look good where.

So, the weeding is mostly done. The Tiger Lilies are transplanted and I now need to go buy a gallon of paint (and take pics). The work never ends!

Thanks Charisma!!!

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Charisma said...

NO Problem--Donna--I wish I could do that at my house--pick all the colors and tell people what to do!! --and then have them do it--that doesn't happen here--I have to do it MYSELF!hehe