Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day

Well, today is Father's Day and so I thought I'd write alittle about my Dad.

He was born in Rothimay Montana, the oldest of 8 kids (a set of twins died as infants). So, I only knew he was the oldest of 6 kids. The family moved to Hillsboro Oregon where my grandfather died when Dad was eleven. At about that time, he became the "bread winner" for the family and his mother.

He told me that he got his license shortly after this and learned to be a mechanic. He worked in various gas stations and the like.

He said he was the third man drafted into WWII. He also said he was a Master Sgt and and active First Sgt. Artillery. Phillipines. I didn't know it was Leyte until I read it in his obituary. You could never get Dad to talk about the war. He would only tell you how he was a mechanic for the military in Texas. Apparently, this was before he was shipped overseas.

Mom and he got married in October 1943. They settled in Olympia. My brother came along in 1956 and I joined the family two years later.

Dad and I were always especially close. My fondest memories of him are when I was in high school. Dad was the first one up. He would start a pot of coffee and get the morning paper and be reading it when I came down for breakfast before school. I would make myself a lunch and then fix myself breakfast. Usually, I just scrambled an egg and once in a while Dad would ask if I'd scramble one for him. Then we would sit quietly and eat or visit before Mom and my brother got up.

I always kissed him goodbye before leaving for school.

Many years later, I presented him with his granddaughter. He was in love! I was always "Daddy's girl" and my daughter soon became "Grandpa's girl".

Sadly, Dad was diagnosed with cancer in April 1988. I was then pregnant with my son. They gave Dad two months to live. When I heard that news, it was the absolute worst day of my life. It was harder to take that he had two months, than to hear he was dying of cancer. He told me, "it's the hand I've been dealt".

Thankfully, Dad accepted Jesus as his Saviour before he died. You could often find him listening to the Bible on tape during the days before his death.

As the New Testament says, he went to 'sleep' on June 19, 1988. It was Father's Day when he died... He is now awaiting the second coming of Christ and the resurrection of the dead. Thank you, God, for such giving me such a caring and loving earthly father! He taught me so much about life.

As an aside, my son, Levi, was born three weeks later. My Dad was a left hander and so is my son. They are the only ones in the family. Interestingly, one is gone and the other is born.

Thanks Dad! Happy Father's Day!

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Charisma said...

Beautiful Blog DOnna! You are so lucky to have a father to write about!