Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Today...My First Blogspot

Well, today started out no differently than any other. Except...I got stood up at lunch by my best girlfriend. Oh well. So what? I had a nice mexican lunch (very low fat, btw) and a nice virgin strawberry daquiri. My girlfriend? I had a nice Shirley Temple waiting for her across the table from me. I ordered it for her because it's her favorite drink. So, there it sat while I ate my lunch. I never touched it. I thought about it, but didn't. Life does go on and I still love her. Charisma...did you hear that? You have my permission to stand me up any 'ol time!

We'll try this lunch thing again tomorrow.

Now on to something really important...SEWING!

I belong to a website called Pattern Review. As soon as I can figure out how to do links...I'll have one to take you there. It's almost 100K members strong. I have been a member since Sept. 2005. I love it. They have so inspired my sewing like nothing else. I don't really have to even interact with anyone on the message board...I just learn from being there and reading what others are doing with their sewing.

I've met some really great people there, too. New friends are always a plus in your life, right? Right!

Well, earlier this month, I saw in the classified ads on that site, someone selling Jalie patterns. I bought 3 of them and they arrived yesterday. Last night I traced all 3 patterns in all styles. Now I'm rarin' to go!

Tonight, I am in the process of Jalie 2449. It's a cross-over t shirt. I am using some fabric that I bought at Stuff Mart for a whole $1/yd. I will also have to learn how to post pictures, as well.

I started this blog because I left a comment on Charisma's blog, but you can't do so without an account. AND, I have been reading...let's see...five blogs now on my links bar.

So...I'm back to sewing and will get this blogging thing down better tomorrow.


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Charisma said...

Donna---I am so glad you still love me and I missed you today! I can't believe I did that! I am so happy you joined the blogspot!